Beyond The Beyond

Beyond the beyond, there is not even nothing
through the needle’s eye comes a torrent of life
Poised on the waterfall, the sorcerer envisions
new patterns of glimmers in the falling flow

To move a pebble is to destroy reality
to do nothing is total catastrophe
When the bones of the cosmos are bleached
etchings are revealed in each and every one

I am the one who does not know
I am the one who challenges the flow
I am the one who rejects what appears to occur
only in order to insure that divinity may continue

Who can challenge what is invisible?
That arcana is forbidden to all who perceive
Never state the flaws in the laws
For all structure inevitably collapses

For those who read subtext in the shadows
and for whom sunlight is a relentless cascade
I provide nothing more than the obvious result
of observing this unrelenting parade

This result boils down to simple things:
broth, water and a voice with which to sing
and the song that is sung is a lost lullaby
and when it is heard, all children do cry

and sailors and spacemen chew on their lead
while statesmen and theorists pound on their heads
all of them hoping to gnaw through the straps
yet instead are just tracksmen going ’round in laps

a hooker in her brothel and a seer in the light
cannot but help but to continue the fight
there is no way that this battle may ever be won
until our intentions finally dissolve in the sun

and Death in his palace is ever so kind
giving sanction to all who would seek the divine
but we spit on his gifts and we all curse his name
although he points us all to that singular flame

The flame that has come from a tiny small spark
that lit itself up in the infinite dark
that redeems all who have ever dared gone
into the fathomless sea beyond the beyond