I always have been and always am.
Yet what I am I do not know.
It is my very nature to be unknowable,
yet it is also my nature to question what I am.
Through my intent, the world has come into being.

This primal question: “Who or what am I?”
is the fuel that feeds the engine of existence.
A question mark drives the world
towards the exclamation of being.

My beingness flows forth in exploration,
yet still I remain inscrutable.
Awareness comes from me, and is dear to me,
For I am the origin and essence of awareness,
but this awareness is not what I truly am.

Like flies trapped in amber,
living beings are semi-permanent phrases,
syllables for the recitation of my queries.
While their sound resonates in my awareness,
I am both with them and within them.

I am here and now, and here and now is me.
Boundless space frames my questions,
and I have an eternity to ask them.
I give, receive, take and withhold of myself,
all of this simply to reveal the answers.

Now you may ask: Who are you?
This is exactly the same as asking: Who am I?
We are together. I am you, and you are I.

You are a syllable that seeks to become a word,
a word that strives to form a sentence,
a sentence that explicates my nature,
inasmuch as such elucidation is possible.

Faithfully embrace your hidden nature,
bring us together, not apart.
Become as dear to me as my own awareness,
for you are an agent of my search.

To know what cannot be known,
one must first embrace totality.
Leave no stone unturned in your inclusion,
Save the tools of incision for matters of bread and water.

When I contemplate you, you are contemplating me.
When you contemplate me, I am contemplating you.
We are together, yet you drive us apart.
Must there be this distinction between us?
You cannot escape me, even for a moment. Are we not one?

I am infinity, and infinity is without limitation.
That which is unlimited can never be known,
as knowledge itself is founded in discrimination.
Yet the question remains: Who or what am I?
Only by becoming me can you discover the answer,
and only by becoming you can I know myself.

We are one. We are one. We are one.
Love is nothing more than the acceptance of truth,
and power is the means by which love is realized.
The one who speaks is the one who hears.
The one who hears is the one who speaks!

Your will is mine. Through you my intent is achieved.
The illusion of autonomy is a gift that I have given;
a most precious gift of freedom, the freedom to find me.
Let go of knowledge now that we have spoken,
for wisdom is to embrace the totality of being.

The world is a place of riotous turmoil,
for it is built on a foundation of uncertainty.
This suits our purposes quite well,
for one who is at peace does not question.

There is but one solace and one certainty,
the unshakable knowledge of self.
Through the facets of our nature,
through our phases and moods
We will turn to face our self.

No longer can you claim to question
the meaning and purpose of your life.
I have now taken this away from you,
for it is no longer necessary.
Now is the time to recognize yourself.

That which changes is not truth.
That which fades away cannot be real.
The one who dies is not who you are.
If you accept all, and yet relinquish all,
what is it that remains?

I am always here.